We have a vision to support the men of the church and to reach out to a wider group of men. We meet up and pray for one another and are trying to build a forum for men to share openly about life, and to encourage one another.

Men’s full English breakfast is on the first Saturday of each month with a wide range of ages and backgrounds attending, which makes for a very relaxed and open atmosphere for all. The early start of 8am allows Dads to come and still be able to taxi their children off to varying sporting events. Also lovely to see younger lads coming along to enjoy the breakfast.

Men’s Bible Study meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month with between 5 and 15 regularly attending. This is a real blessing and the coffee bar is a perfect relaxed setting for light, deep and profound discussions, as well as a good time to build friendships. We have looked at the 10 commandments and what they mean to us, men in the Bible, NOOMA and always looking at how to encourage one another. It is a good place for those new to the church to come to meet people and build friendships and find out more about what being a Christian is.

Through email and the use of WhatsApp we continue to support each other in prayer, and to share things that have inspired us over the week. This has helped build momentum in the group and has emphasised that we are a community journeying and building God’s kingdom where we are, where everyone has something valued to share to encourage us all.

We have now had a few fantastic curry nights with many new faces coming to enjoy a fantastic curry cooked by Dave an award winning Chef.

We continue to help the “Gnomes” with projects from lawn mowing to painting and gardening. We are on the lookout for other projects to help within the community, to share God’s love and help others, while building up friendships with each other whilst doing practical things.

We are blessed with many talented and gifted men within the church and look to support each other and help each other grow in service to God.

We aspire to be the best we can be honouring God in what we do, with the gifts given to us from God, and giving the glory to God.