Our logo has the strap line ‘Believing in our community’

Community is about including and valuing people and we want to invest in the local community around us to make it stronger. We run many outward looking groups for children, young people and adults and a large number of other community groups use our facilities throughout the week. Our aim is to be a community hub serving local people. As well as serving in outward facing church groups, members of the congregation serve in local politics, as school governors and school helpers, in local charities, and through Christian agencies such as the Bridge School Project, Street Pastors, the Food Bank, and a number of homeless charities.

As we engage with our community at home, school, work and leisure, we do so as believing people. We want to be transformed by Jesus’ love and then live out his love practically in what we do and in what we say. Part of that is coming together as a church community to be more and more under the reign of Jesus. We seek be a community under his kingship, living kingdom values that underpin and inform our vision.

We aim to be…

– Christ-centred: grounded in God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit. A place where hearts and minds are touched and challenged by the transforming presence of God.

– A community of generous acceptance where all feel welcome: where barriers of race, age, gender and class fall.

– A body: alive, vibrant and prayerful – not an institution, but a movement of radical love.

– A people of action: where each person says ‘God can use me’ and where we live and serve 24/7 to proclaim the good news of God’s love.